SPINE & PAIN 8th LIVE WORKSHOP cum TRAINING COURSE:  April, 2016: by Dr. Neeraj Jain MD, FIMSA, FIPP (USA)

It is very usefully informative with practical training of ULTRASOUND/ ENDOSCOPIC/ fluoroscopic/ CT-guided/ Epiduroscopic pain relieving procedures. Send me your CV to assist you better. Accommodation is available very close to the Hospital. Workshop Details & Some earlier feedbacks are under mentioned.

link: http://spinenpain.com/upcoming-workshops/

Some Feed backs–
Dear Sir,
During this workshop I was getting a lot of additional knowledge and skill from Dr. Neeraj Jain who have the knowledge and expertise exceptional in pain management. Atmosphere during the workshop was very pleasant both in the development of interaction with you sir and interaction with fellow participants. Learning program in this live workshop is very complete and includes the advanced pain management like endoscopic procedure. Eight days here seemed so fast to me. I am very satisfied with what I get in this workshop to my practice in Indonesia. Thank you very much Dr. Neeraj Jain. You are an amazing and inspirational doctor. I hope I can continue to consult with you in terms of pain management.
Best and warm regards,
Dr. Wahyuddin Suleman, MKES, SPAN INDONESIA

Husham Abdulameer Hasan, IRAQ
November 1, 2013 at 4:17am
Dear Sir, I’m Dr. Husham Hasan from Iraq. I want to tell you that I’ve passed the FIPP exam and became FIPP alumni and first Iraqi member in WIP. I want to thank you so much because I’ve got so much from the training course held at Sri Balaji action medical institute. You were a very great support and wish you all the best and hope to enrol in the next training course you’ll held. Please accept my great respects and regards Your student Dr. Husham Hasan\ MBChB, FICMS, FIPP

Respected sir
Warm greetings and Good evening. 
I have reached home safely after an excellent academic interventional feast. 
It was an amazing experience with you and unimaginable knowledge gained about intervention in pain management. Newer procedures, different approaches, Minimum needling, patient examination, Patients mind preparation, Interpersonal relationship with the staff. ….etc are the hallmarks of our learning during the workshop. The days went fast so couldn’t spend much more time with you. I will strongly recommend this workshop to all my friends so that they can also gain more knowledge. Thanks a lot sir for your dedicated workshop session. I got wondered with your energy level.
I have gained more new messages in the workshop and I feel that’s the success of yours. I hope everyone will have the same feeling. 
The message you have quoted many a times is deeply in my mind, to do something for the field of pain medicine and I promise you I will take necessary steps for the same. 
Thanking you sir
Warm regards
Dr.Rajesh, Madurai
Mahendran P, Chennai May 4

It has been active educative 8 days for me at Balaji Hospital. I have came to your course specifically to learn more about Interventional Pain Management. I have seen during my stay all types of Intervention from head to foot. Sir, you have showed us various aspect of Intervention all our doubts were explained promptly. We were amazed my your energy till the end of last procedure. You are having skillful hands added with your knowledge you are able to do procedures in precise manner.Sharing of your experience about difficult cases was useful.
Your classes on Pain, MRI, 3D images are excellent.We were amazed my your collection of Pain Books.That showed your passion on Pain Management and to explore untouched areas in Your staffs are polite & able to carryout your instructions not at your speed but doing it effectively.
I will recommend all pain physicians to attend your Pain Course to get knowledge in Interventions.
The eagerness you are showing in Intervention & happiness you get on relieving the pain we are able to feel it.
Thank you sir for Teaching & Sharing your knowledge with us.Now I have to move forward with this knowledge.
Dr Gaurav Kuthiala, Ludhiana

Dear Sir,
The work shop was indeed a memorable one and thanks for the photos. “The workshop was a fantastic experience that any budding or practicing pain specialist could desire for.The entire week was packed with action morning till late evening with a plethora of cases encompassing almost all the anatomical regions of the body.The subtle tricks and clinical pearls provided by Dr Jain in the workshop were par excellence which can’t be found in the books.The hands on experience was extremely helpful in clearing the doubts and mastering the areas of weakness.i strongly recommend this intensive training to all pain physicians.”.

Published by Dr. Neeraj Jain

Dr. Neeraj Jain is a Senior Consultant Interventional Spine & Pain Super-Specialist of international repute. He heads Department of pain medicine at Max Hospital, Pitampura, New Delhi, Sri Balaji Action Medical Institute & Action Cancer Hospital, New Delhi & is Director of Spine & Pain Clinics, New Delhi. Dr Jain has made more than 160 national & international presentations & guest lectures. He has received many accolades both for his academic & social works. He has a Large series of successful Percutaneous needle Discectomy with Balloon Neuroplasty, Vertebroplasty & Kyphoplasty to his credit. His innovative work on balloon neuroplasty is biggest series in the world; presented in world congress of Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery 2016, South Korea. He has conducted numerous Live Pain workshop cum CME which are highly rated & widely attended by doctors from India & abroad. He is been appreciated as a great teacher and mentor to upcoming pain specialists. He has been pivotal in many national & international pain conferences as chairman, speaker, panellist, judge of competitions & trainer of cadaver workshops. He actively participated in eight world congresses on pain 2016 in New York, 2014 in Maastricht, 2012, in Miami, USA, 2010 in Montreal, Canada, 2008 in Glasgow, UK, 2005 in Sydney, Australia & first world Pain Symposium 2013.

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